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Friday, October 15, 2010

Forget Mongolia. I’m too busy learning stuff about my own country this week.

Megan Sinclair tells me hoodies are called “bunny hugs” back home in Saskatchewan. Bannock is apparently a very hard bread that should not be consumed during an eating contest (thanks Peter McNair from Kelvington, Saskatchewan). Karen Howatson says her search for the best lunch under $10 is Babylon on Robson Street in Vancouver. Dale Boisclair of Summerland, BC reminisced about jam can curling, which isn’t a relative of Toucan Sam, but is a game played with jam cans way back in the day.

These are just some of the insights that I picked up during downtime this week in Ottawa during the Centre for Intercultural Learning’s inter-cultural effectiveness training. I learned stuff during the training of course. Stuff like how not to judge cultural nuances. At this point in time, that is much easier said than done. How can I not judge others when here I am judging jam can fans and bunny huggers? It’s gonna be a long trip.


Yee-Guan Wong
Communications Specialist

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