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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sain bainuu (hello):

The stage is set - with CCA`s preparatory work for the Mongolian Project having already begun in late 2008; and, the players (7 Canadian credit union coaches) are in place. Mongolia`s days of Soviet control are 20 years behind her and the Prime Minister has declared 2010 as a "business renovation year". So, the time is right for Canadian co-operators to extend their hands and hearts - to assist our colleagues on their journey along a not so ancient path, by building bridges and weaving our experiences, practices and tools into their unique cultural tapestry.

The objective to improve the management and governance of the credit unions to better serve and improve the livelihoods of their members is an urgent one. Roughly 1/3 of the population lives on less than 1 USD per day, with no improvement since the 1990`s. The credit unions have the potential to be a vital part of the solution and are in a rebuilding phase since the economic downturn.

We have just finished two days of inter-cultural training which is the last step before departure. Late Friday night our journey begins - think "Amazing Race", ending some 30 hours later in Ulaanbaatar. The city just happens to be the coldest capital in the world, so we prairie coaches should feel at home!

And we head out on our coaching mission mindful of the wisdom of the Mongolian nomads who say; "If you endeavour, the fate will favour you."

I hope you accept this invitation to join our expedition and follow along... we'll be in touch again soon.


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  1. After reading this I look forward to reading more about the work and the difference the team will be making in a Mongolia. Although the cultural differences will be great the commomnality of the betterment of the individual and ones community is universal. I believe that this commonality will produce a lasting sucesss in the co-operatives you work with. Gods speed in all that you do.