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Friday, October 8, 2010

And so it begins... well almost

The sun is shining here in Toronto. Today was preceded by a stretch of days that were cloudy and drizzly and just really yucky. I hope the sun holds out until Tuesday when I fly to Ottawa for cultural training. At that point it can snow here for all I care.
Not that I wish ill weather on my fellow citizens. But the truth is after Tuesday I’ll be going to a couple of places that can do much worse than Toronto in terms of the weather: on Tuesday I’ll be flying to Ottawa, which is the fourth coldest capital city in the world, and next Friday I leave for Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar (sounds like Ulan Batar), THE coldest capital city. (I will save you a click to Wikipedia by telling you that it lists Astana, Kazakhstan and Moscow as the second and third coldest capital cities respectively.)
I’ll be there with fellow blogger Ken Doleman as well as Martin McInnis, Karen Howatson, Scott Hughes, Dale Boisclair, Megan Sinclair, Trudy Rasmuson and, Sarah Feldberg. We’ve had a couple conference calls to discuss the upcoming trip. They all sound nice and I’m sure they are. I’m sure they think I sound nice too. That’s because they don’t know my shortcomings as a travel companion; I get very crabby when I’m hungry and that I snore pretty loudly on the plane. They’ll find out soon enough… heh…
Yee-Guan Wong
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